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Our pottery is as beautiful as it is functional! These pieces can be used as decor, cooking, or both! You can mix and match or start your very on collection of Alabama pottery!
Kitchen Use Bowls
Who says that your egg separator or garlic zester can't be both beautiful and useful? Not us! These kitchen aids are so gorgeous that you'll want to display them on your bar all the time!
Fill up these colorful pottery bowls with fresh fruit or yummy homemade soup! Whatever it is that you crave, let our pottery bowls help do the job!
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Mugs Platters & Trays
Imagine cozying up to the fireplace during the winter with a nice, warm cup of cocoa in one of our adorable pottery mugs. Or just starting your busy morning right with a hot cup of coffee! These mugs have a personality of their own and they would love to call your house, home!
Tailgating, house warming parties, and family get-togethers are just not complete without pottery trays and platters full of delicious finger foods or homemade appetizers. What is so great about these platters and trays is that you can decorate your home when they are not in use!
Liven up your weekly dinner night with our unique pottery plates as your everyday dishes! Our pottery plates are perfect to warm up your dining room table for any gathering!
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Rabbit Ring Holder

Rabbit Ring Holder

Our Price: $14.50

This rabbit ring holder is just right for small treasures or use the extended ears to hold rings. It makes a sweet Easter gift and will be appreciated for everyday display. The rabbit is a hand crafted Alabama pottery dish and measures 2 1/2 inches across, nose to tail.
Flower Dish with Gold Rim

Decorative Flower Dish

Our Price: $18.00

This dainty dish is decorated with a small flower and gold edge. Use on a bed side table for jewelry or on a desk for doo-dads. Delicate and lovely, this Alabama clay pottery dish is 3 1/4 inch across.
Alabama Mud Wine Coaster

Alabama Mud Wine Coaster

Our Price: $20.00

A simple and sophisticated addition to any table. Use this wine coaster to catch drips from your wine bottle. Looks beautiful while keeping your table surface clean. Made by Alabama Mud. Inside diameter is 3 1/4". Dishwasher safe.
Pottery Cotton Boll Bowl

Pottery Cotton Boll Dish

Our Price: $32.00

From Lindsey Kelly Pottery in Shoal Creek, AL these cotton boll dishes make a statement.  The bowl is shallow, about 7" in diameter.  Can be used as a display piece or to serve.  Dishwasher safe.