Shoals Coffee Co. - 2oz Ethiopian "Muscle Shoals" Ground

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This coffee is grown in Kayon Mountain Farm, Shakiso, East Guji, Oromia.  The coffee has sweet and soft with berry, lemon, and dark chocolate notes. 

Each bean gets it’s uncommon flavor from the region where it is grown, the farmers--including some women owned farms--who diligently grow and harvest their crops, and the careful attention given to processing and selecting the perfect beans for purchase.   Our meticulous roasting process, which is carefully crafted to draw out the fullness and flavor of the beans creates the unique taste that makes it our own.

Each bean is assigned to represent a city that makes up "The Shoals".  This one is Muscle Shoals!

Shoals Coffee Co. has a passion and a purpose.  They LOVE coffee and they LOVE people.  They are using their passion to speak life and better the lives of moms and babies.  The sales of their coffee go into providing physical resources such as diapers and a wide variety of baby care items, maternity items, and limited medical services for expectant moms and also addressing the many other unique physical and spiritual needs that are present.

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