Birmingham Home Soy Candles

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Birmingham Home candles celebrate the most iconic places in Birmingham.  Crafted in Alabama, these candles are safe to burn indoors because they are made with soy, and to make sure they smell wonderful, are scented with essential oils. 

Choose from five amazing scents.

Magic City – Birmingham was originally called The Magic City because of the city’s rapid growth.  Birmingham is a city full of charm, culinary excellence, beautiful parks, fabulous shopping, and civil rights awareness. It is a city worth celebrating with a scent that smells like magic - a festive blend of champagne with zesty fruit undertones.

Vulcan – The Iron Man, the symbol of Birmingham, majestically stands on top of Red Mountain overlooking Birmingham.  Imagine a musky scent representing Vulcan’s strength, while incorporating the woody scent of the mountain’s trees.  A confident and refined scent.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens – Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a place of respite and enchantment. This scent offers the fresh smell of cultured gardens with notes of wildflowers, blooming shrubs, and lush ferns.  Calming and satisfying.

Railroad Park – Imagine a sprawling green space in the city with green grass, beautiful plantings, and water reflecting the cities tall buildings.  This is the scent for Railroad Park - airy, crisp, green, with hint of refreshing water.  Breathe it in!

Sloss Furnaces –Sloss Furnaces, a monument to the Industrial Revolution, is the only preserved blast furnace in the U.S. and a National Historic Landmark. Imagine the combination of zestful energy with undertones of smoldering embers.  An intriguing and alluring scent!

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