Wool Filled Suet Feeder

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From Sheep to Nest...... Birds will enjoy pulling tufts of sheep's wool from this decorative suet feeder to build a cozy nest. The wool comes from the sheep at 1818 Farms.  The soft wool provides a warm place for adult birds to rest and a cushion for their eggs. Each suet feeder is filled with babydoll sheep wool. The wool is hand washed using an all-natural plant based cleaner.  It is also hand carded and dye free.

You may notice some vegetation in the wool. This is a natural occurrence and is perfectly safe for birds to use.

To use, hang the wool filled suet feeder on a shepherd's hook, in a tree, or near your bird feeder.  After the initial use, the decorative metal suet cage can be refilled with wool or used as a feeder.

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